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Black Bernedoodle

Solid/Mostly Solid Color - $2000

Black and White Bernedoodle

Bi-Color (Black) - $2000


Bi-Color (Brown/Red/Cream) - $2000

Gunner 2_edited.jpg

Phantom (Black) - $2000

Brown Phantom Bernedoodle

Phantom (Brown) - $2000

Traditional Tri-Color Bernedoodle

Traditional Tri-Color - $2500


Chocolate Tri-Color - $2500

2023 Merle Puppies.jfif

Merle (Tri-color/Phantom) - $2500

Please note:
1. Pricing may slightly deviate from the above (higher or lower) depending upon an individual pup's markings and coat texture.  Final pricing will be established prior to pup selection when each litter is 5-6 weeks old.

2. Michigan state law unfortunately requires us to charge a 6% sales tax, unless the puppy is shipped or delivered out of state. 

Hawk's Hill Gallery

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